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For $11.11, You'll Sit Down With Me 1-on-1 For a 15-Minute Energy Clearing Call Where I'll Clear Away Negative Energy Causing You To Countermanifest The Things You Don't Want

I've Helped Dozens of Clients Release Negative Energy 
Keeping Them Stuck in Place For Far Too Long

Now, For a Limited Time, In the Spirit of Sacred Economics, 
I'm Offering 10 Exclusive Spots On My Calendar 
To Realign To Your Soul Blueprints & Identify Your Next Step Forward
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*For a limited time, book your 
Soul Blueprints Alignment 
for only $11.11!

 Introducing the Soul Blueprints Alignment Session

It’s a call in sacred space where you:
  • Receive energy healing to clear negativity, blockages and interference around your question or challenge.
  • Get a direct answer to your burning question about a specific part of your life from the perspective of your soul blueprints.
  • Create the foundations of your soul-aligned strategy, an empowering action plan with a clear next step.
In a Soul Blueprints Alignment session, we work together to identify and address one key challenge you're facing in life. 

Through a soul-focused approach, we delve into the root causes of your challenge, grounded in your soul blueprints and your destiny. 

Together, we develop the foundations of a personalized strategy and actionable steps to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. 

The session is designed to empower you with clarity, insight, and practical tools to heal, grow, and move forward in life. 

By harnessing your inner wisdom and resources, you'll regain confidence and a renewed sense of hope, enabling you to navigate life's ups and downs with greater ease and power.
Now, that might see like a lot …

But you need this. You need to reclaim your power.

You no longer need to  feel:
  • Stuck in a mundane and unfulfilling life
  • Lost, without a clear sense of self and identity
  • Like you're settling for mediocrity and not striving for greatness

What's Included...

Soul Purpose vs Soul Mission

Acknowledge how soul purpose and soul mission are different but inextricably linked, and how the two are at work in your own life to provide you with the unique and rich experience of embodying your highest light.

Setting Intentions for Soul Mission Clarity

Set intentions effectively can come from the perspectives of the Law of Assumption and quantum physics and how each framework works to help you achieve soul mission clarity.

Your Path to Greatness

Amplify your next step forward with an acknowledgement and appreciation of of how your journey has brought you to the present, with so much potential and power available to you.

Letting Go of What No Longer Serves

Extricate yourself from the hold of the past in order to perceive and receive your soul mission with clarity in the present, empowering you to set the stage for your quantum leap forward in living your soul mission.

Activating Soul Mission Clarity

Activate soul mission clarity from the clean slate of your fullest sovereignty and power.

Bonus 1: Soul Mission Clarity Course Guide

A beautiful ebook with recaps of the program highlights that also functions as keepsake healing and activation artwork.

Bonus 2: Soul Mission Alignment Community Membership

An empowering and uplifting accountability and support circle where you can receive support for soul mission clarity and alignment from your peers.

Bonus 3: Soul Mission Alignment Energy Medicine

21 days of daily gentle 15-minute remote group energy medicine for soul mission alignment to amplify your intentions for soul mission alignment and clear energetic limitations around those intentions.

Bonus 4: Recommended Soul Mission Alignment Resources

A soulfully curated list of recommended books/eBooks, courses, materials, coaches and mentors aligned with multidimensionality who can meet you energetically wherever you are on your journey to support further growth and expansion in the direction that calls to you the most.

Bonus 5: 2 Downloadable Guided Meditation Files

Meditative Grounding 
Golden Sun Cleansing

Bonus 6: 1:1 15-Minute Power Strategy Session

Receive empowering multidimensional intel about a key decision you need to make about any aspect of your soul mission. 
Here's What Clients Are Saying...

 "Through her, I felt a connection to energies beyond our earthly realm, offering insights and wisdom that expanded my understanding of self and purpose."

― Daniella S.

Meditation Teacher | Spiritual Guide

"From our very first session, Olive's intuitive insights were like a guiding light, offering profound clarity and understanding about my life's purpose. It felt as though she could tap into the cosmic energies and channel messages that resonated deeply with my soul."

Reflecting on her transformative journey, Daniella wrote...
"From our very first session, Olive's warmth and compassion immediately set the tone for a safe and sacred space. Her intuitive insights were like a guiding light, offering profound clarity and understanding about my life's purpose. It felt as though she could tap into the cosmic energies and channel messages that resonated deeply with my soul.

Olive is also a transformative healer and employs a diverse array of tools that complement her intuitive gifts, tailoring each session to address specific needs. Whether it's energy healing, crystal therapy, or guided meditations, Olive's toolbox is vast and meticulously curated to support individuals on their unique journeys. The integration of these tools adds depth to the healing experience, creating a holistic approach that resonates on multiple levels.

Connecting to star nations is a signature aspect of Olive's practice, and it brings an otherworldly dimension to the healing process. Through her, I felt a connection to energies beyond our earthly realm, offering insights and wisdom that expanded my understanding of self and purpose. Olive serves as a conduit between the celestial and the terrestrial, bridging the gap to facilitate profound personal growth.

"Olive is one of the most talented and powerful multidimensional healers I have ever experienced."

― Amy Shen

A Starseed by birth who manifests her gifts by serving as an educator who builds and leads schools

Here's what Amy had to say...
"Olive is one of the most talented and powerful multidimensional healers I have ever experienced. Born with tremendous clairvoyance gifts, Olive also has sophisticated mastery of multiple modalities and can apply these modalities fluidly to achieve lasting healing. 

Olive is a sharp reader of events and scenarios, and can communicate the embedded messages to clients in the most accurate language that efficiently speaks to the mind, chakras, the present and the higher selves to help clients achieve instant understanding for the lessons that need to be learned from any given situation. 

As one of the most skilled travelers, Olive takes clients into experiencing needed timelines and multidimensional worlds to gain a higher view to experience alignment to one’s soul blueprint. 

Most of all, Olive is marked by her character as an integrous, compassionate, and courageous light maker whom the world can eternally count on to manifest each moment to its highest potential. Come and take Olive’s hand to experience the magic of this Universe in action!"

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world."

― Marianne Williamson

From: Olive Coursolle
Andromedan Augur, Spiritual Coach, Multidimensional Consciousness Mentor
Dear Radiant Soul,
Thank you for being here in this glorious now moment. I am blessed by your presence.

Your soul invites you to dive deep into the transformative realms of the wisdom within.

I invite you to commit to yourself, to your multidimensional vastness and to a renewed receptivity to new potentials and new possibilities for yourself.

I invite you to move from a fixed mindset of having an experience of limitation to one of remembrance of and expansion into your radiance and magic through:
  • More clarity around your life
  • Healing around your challenges
  • A clear action plan for taking your next step forward intentionally
The beauty of achieving clarity about who you are and why you are here is not just in discovering your big why; it's an elevation of your consciousness, a radiant expansion into the fullest expression of your being.

It's not just about finding clarity; it's about rediscovering the limitless horizons of your own existence. 

Embrace the uplifting power of self-realization, where you live life on your soul's terms, and every step forward becomes a dance with the extraordinary.

Let your inner wisdom become your guiding light, and watch as your consciousness expands to embrace the highest dimensions of your true self.

It’s Possible To Claim Your Life Filled With Purpose, 
To Find Your Answers
Without Feeling Frustrated And helpless

You are Destined for More than: 

  • Being stuck in a mundane and unfulfilling life
  • Living without a clear sense of self and identity
  • ​Repeating past mistakes and not learning from them
  • Not living up to your potential
  • ​Being judged or misunderstood by others
  • Wasting time and energy on unimportant things
  • Settling for mediocrity and not striving for greatness
  • ​Regretting missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams
  • ​Feeling trapped or limited by societal expectations and norms
I see You, radiant soul. I know you are here to be your best, to live your best life. 

I know these things. I was born this way as an Andromedan soul, here to champion the best in each of us out of unconditional love. I am also an augur, the kind of soul who can perceive other realms and realities with ease because of the level of development of my higher sensory perception and my connection to the vast spectrum of quantum energy fields.

Through the years, I learned from experience that if I listened to my inner guidance, I resolved my problems more easily and learned my life lessons more gracefully, and if I didn’t, challenges were drawn out and intense. 

Because I tuned in to my inner wisdom and my higher consciousness, I learned that painful life experiences were all part of my healing and evolving back toward my innate wholeness.

Of course, as a human, I didn’t always consciously know the full extent of my capacity to see into the different dimensions and densities of this universe. 

It wasn’t until I got a Soul Realignment reading around 2000 that I got confirmation about my capacity to sense so much more than meets the eye. In that reading, I was told that I was part of the Blueprinters of this universe, souls who specialize in and oversee the various blueprints of Creation. 

Being familiar with blueprints for All That Is, I can therefore decipher any and all kinds of coding for anything and everything, enabling me to read/interpret anything and everything. 

All I need is to be asked questions to focus my higher sensory perception and multidimensional consciousness. 

I started out doing soul blueprint readings in the early 2000s to help people understand their lives, especially their soul mission. 

I’m therefore an excellent guide to your inner knowing and your inner realms as well as your life; reclaiming your access to the wisdom within empowers you to find answers about your life and your soul mission yourself, and I can show you how to do so.

I also trained in shamanic energy medicine and spiritual coaching to help me empower others even better, and I have had the privilege of supporting some of my peers with their journeys.

In the last few years, at least three multidimensional teachers and healers have independently validated my capacity to tune into the higher realms because of my genetic/energetic coding as part of the Oraphim and Seraphim lineages. 

Other healers and teachers have also been astonished by my range of attunement to various dimensions and densities that enables me to see and sense all kinds of multidimensional information.
I have come to realize and remember myself as a fractal of a vast multidimensional consciousness that we here on earth call an archangel. 

An archangel is a consciousness of service to others. The archangel I am an aspect of is the consciousness of the universal principle of transition into expansion and evolution. 

My highest self is motivated by transformation, transition, learning, and growth, just like my mortal self.

With this remembering of myself as Self (big S), I embrace my calling to be of sacred service to others by helping them remember who they truly are and what an epic journey they have chosen to go on in this lifetime. 

I live in sacred service to the divine calling of all other cosmic souls that we may all co-create a beautiful world together.
Make your commitment to expansion and embodying your Highest Self today


Experience New Levels Of Fulfillment and Freedom

From Fear Of Not Fulfilling Your Life Purpose, Being Stuck In A Mundane And Unfulfilling Life And Losing Your Sense Of Self And Identity

This is for

  • Growth-oriented Individuals  
  • Passionate Entrepreneurs
  • Driven Professionals  
  • ​Open-minded Spiritual Seekers
  •  Seasoned Meditators

  • Wellness Enthusiasts
  • ​Students of Healing
  • ​Awakening Souls
  • ​Lightworkers
  • Starseeds
  • Indigos 

Your challenges can be a thing of the past. Say goodbye to thoughts like:
  • I'm never going to find myself. 
  • I'm stuck and there's nothing I can do about it. 
  • Professionals won't be of help.
That all ends today.

Our confusion arises only because of our limited perspective, as we primarily perceive ourselves through the lens of our physical reality. 

Yet, we are much more expansive beings than we realize. 

By embracing our multidimensionality and tapping into our inner guidance, we unlock a wealth of wisdom and clarity that extends beyond our earthly limitations. 

As your spiritual coach, I offer guidance and support to help you navigate your soul's journey and uncover the profound wisdom within. 

Together, let's untangle those threads of confusion to reveal the profound wisdom and power within you. 

Through a journey of self-discovery and inner alignment, you'll find comfort in knowing that you're not alone, but rather deeply connected to the vastness of you, with all the answers you need available to you through yourself, your own inner knowing.

For a Limited Time, book your Soul Blueprints Alignment session today for a One-Time Only Price of $11.11


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What Other Clients Say...

"I wholeheartedly recommend Olive to anyone. I am grateful and feel blessed that the universe led me to a mentor, coach, and guide whom I love and trust completely. 

Her guidance and support through numerous challenges in my life have been invaluable. The profound wisdom imparted during coaching sessions and the nurturing, multidimensional energy sessions consistently provide profoundly empowering and healing experiences. 

I eagerly anticipate continuing to work with her to unlock my full potential." 



"Olive has such a beautiful and kind heart. She's so gifted and intuitive. Olive has always offered a supported and sacred environment for my spiritual growth and expansion. 

She has made such a difference in my life and my daughter's life. Olive has been able to tap areas for healing that are not in the wheelhouse of other healers. 

When I have a challenging issue that I would like to see shifted, Olive is the person that I trust.


Expert Energy Medicine Practitioner

"I very much enjoyed and benefited from each session I had with Olive. I previously completed a Celtic Shamanism course prior to working with Olive and was grounded in that tradition. 

Olive’s knowledge of the Cosmos combined with her ability to teach basic and then advanced Cosmic information was life changing. I enjoyed learning more about my Galactic Heritage and how it is currently impacting me presently. 

One teaching that has been life changing was Olive’s introduction of dragons to me. She suggested I connect with my personal dragon [in the] Summer Solstice of 2021. That experience was powerful and led to many more interactions with these wonderfully wise high frequency beings. Olive’s talents are varied and in addition to being able to transmit information in English, her use of Light Language to guide, teach and uplift was extraordinary. 

value her guidance and highly recommend her as a Spiritual Teacher/Guide."

-Mystic Mama Charlene

Sound Healer And Women’s Circle Guide 

"Olive is one of the most genuine light healers who taps into multi-dimensional realms to help her clients heal, transform and step into mastery of all who are ripe to blossom. 

She has been instrumental in opening my heart, mind and senses to overall intuitive acuity across dimensions, space and time, bringing me home within the divinity of my healing universe of my heart, then opening my healing light to all, allowing me to step up and forward into the realm of the infinite; to tap into multi dimensional reservoir of knowledge, consciousness, love and light to heal and evolve. 

As she holds the space, she expands her consciousness and divine frequencies to cleanse, attune, activate and expand my physical body, energetic bodies and multi dimensional forms. She is always safe, protective and expansive. She cocoons you with love so that we see our true potential.


Energy Medicine Healing Practitioner

"Working with Olive has been nothing short of astonishing. Her connection to higher realms has greatly accelerated my healing and spiritual development. 

With her help, I have released blockages that were holding me back in many aspects of my life, including spiritual, physical, personal, and financial. 

She has helped me activate new aspects of myself, enabling me to access realms I did not even know existed. 

Her knowledge and intuition about how our universe, and beyond, works is vast. She shares her knowledge, intuition, and energy with grace and generosity. I always feel safe and held in the presence of Olive."


Spiritual Coach & Energy Healer

"Consistently over the years, Olive has created a safe and sacred container which has allowed me to dive deep into my inner world and reclaim parts of myself that were lost and disconnected from source. 

As divine love embodied Olive’s presence has gifted me with the ability to reclaim all of my multi-dimensional aspects and bring them home safely back into Oneness. 

 Olive now supports me to remember and reclaim my power as the great Love I AM. Her supernatural gifts have empowered me to make quantum leaps. When we first met I was lost in the depths of the Underworld and now I am learning to know myself as the source of all my creation and use the power of my love to create miracles."


Cosmic Explorer

Thank You For Being Here …
May You Be Abundantly Blessed With 
The Answers You Need 
Through Your Soul Blueprints Alignment session!

Celebrating your courage to take the next step to living your light, with many blessings,
- Olive Coursolle

For a Limited Time, book your Soul Blueprints Alignment session today for a One-Time Only Price of $11.11


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